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Bargain Wardrobe Fixes With

The first quarter of the year - a period synonymous with boring but essential outgoings - tax returns, post-Christmas credit card bills, new school shoes (again). In short, it's the time when most of us feel our most miserable and most in need of a treat, yet the most lacking in funds to afford anything remotely treat-based.

Yes, there are always the sales (and they seem to run and run these days) but I find the experience of wading through racks of unwanted, sad-looking clothing seriously dispiriting. And I just don't have the time. Which is where comes in, an online retail site that I was asked to review a few weeks' back.

Selling seriously wallet-friendly clothing, BlackBetty offers a simple antidote to the new year blues - daily bargains on overstocked inventory from the UK and Europe. Or, in simple terms, 70-90% off normal shop prices. Sounds pretty enticing, no?

A bit like an online version of TK Maxx, the website sells the whole range of ladies clothing, accessories and shoes. It's very much a no-frills user experience but with prices coming in at under a tenner for a blazer and under £2 for a scarf, you're not going to get Net-a-Porter-style online merchandising. 

But for serious bargains, this site is well worth a look. Particularly strong on dresses and shoes, the website takes some digging around to reveal some real beauties; for example when I last browsed the site there were some amazing leather flats on sale for an incredible £9.95, instead of £39.99 - you don't find those kind of bargains even in Primark.

A good selection of work-friendly, classic knitwear is on offer with a gorgeous cable-knit jumper on sale for just £5.95. More fashion-forward pieces feature heavily - this is a retail site that pitches itself very much as a place for all age groups to shop at, so younger fashionistas with pocket money to spend will love some of the quirkier pieces on sale - if I was a few years younger I would be very tempted by this super-cute cat adorned jumper. 

One thing to bear in mind is that the turnover is fast on - these are blink-and-you-miss them deals that only run for a finite time. Likewise, popular sizes may sell out quickly. But with prices pitched so low, I guess you can afford to take a chance on sizing if you're not sure. On scanning the website with £20 at my disposal, I was amazed that most things come in at the £6 price point - the equivalent of an artisan sandwich!

So, what did I buy? I was seriously tempted by a super-cute sundress but decided that I really needed my feel-good fix now - waiting till the summer just wasn't going to cut it. First up, I do love a knit with a little touch of quirkiness - I think this grey jumper is just the right side of playful and I love it. It's quite thin material so I'm thinking it will make a great transitional item to pep up my Spring wardrobe.

To the right, a camo-style knit (there's a better picture below) which is just the sort of thing I love, perfect for making my standard uniform of jeans and trainers a little more exciting.

And finally, the item I was most excited about trying - a gorgeous leopard print dress that feels really luxurious and feels expensive - but came in at just £6.95...let me rephrase that: UNDER £7.

While you might have to wait a little while for your order, that's a small inconvenience when prices are this low. Ethically it feels like BlackBetty is doing a good thing in redistributing oversupply in this way rather than letting clothing going to waste. And it's certainly a nicer experience to shop from the comfort of your home rather than battling the crowds in Primark when you're in need of a cheap 'n' cheerful fashion fix.

I was gifted the above items by but all thoughts and views are my own and I did not receive payment for this post. 


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