Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Posh Crisp Sandwiches With Burts Chips

It's not often a blogging opportunity comes around where I think, "Yes, I can do that..I can really get behind that idea." But when I received an invitation from award-winning, Devon-based crisp company Burts Chips to trial their products I didn't need much persuading...they kind of had me at 'crisps'.

"We've teamed up with TV food chef Dean Edwards and he's created some exciting new recipes featuring crisps", they said. "I'm in", I said.

A week later, a very large box of crisps arrived. Now, I'm not going to lie, much as I'm partial to a bag of superior quality crisps, I've never really got the concept of crisp sandwiches. I've never quite understood why you might dilute the taste of a delicious bag of crisps with the addition of two slices of bread...it just hasn't really been something I've been too fussed about trying. 

But, like dyeing your hair pink or going to Glastonbury, I began to wander if my middle-aged self might be missing out on something by not trying one of these mythical snacks. And when I read Dean's recipes, I was convinced that making a crisp sandwich would be added to my recently drawn-up 'things to do before I get too old' list.
Using my supply of crisps, I started with what felt like a suitably summery creation - the Crunchy Cheese Quesadilla, using Burts' Thai Sweet Chilli crisps. Really quick and easy to whip up, I LOVED this recipe and can honestly say that the addition of said crisps elevated my love of the quesadilla into something almost spiritual. I'm not joking. 

Two oozing cheese quesadillas, sandwiched between a delicious easy-to-make homemade guacamole and topped with crushed crisps, and sprinkled with coriander...well, it certainly made a change from beans on toast. 
Now, I will admit that in between testing the recipes I ate a few bags of crisps on the sly. And we took a couple of bags on picnics and to a friend's BBQ, sharing the Burts love, as it were. I needed no converting about their deliciousness - as 'posh' crisps go, I reckon these are the best - the flavours are just right, they taste authentic and natural, and they're not greasy like some artisan-style crisps can be. 

Just so you know, Burts Chips are entirely natural and free from gluten, artificial additives and preservatives. They've also won several foodie accolades, including a Great Taste award. My box contained not only the standard crisps but some Lentil Waves, which were a whole new taste sensation.

I'm not too fussed about counting calories these days - everything in moderation is my current mantra - but if you love crisps but view them as a bit of a guilty pleasure, these babies taste delicious (not diet-y at all) and weigh in at just 99 calories.

Anyway, back to the recipes. Next up, I fancied something with a Mediterranean flavour - the sun was out and something featuring mozzarella, pesto and basil was in order. Step forward the delicious Roasted Summer Vegetable Roll, a heady mix of crusty roll, pesto, mozzarella, roasted pepper, basil and Vintage Cheddar and Spring Onion Burts Chips. Again, the addition of some crunch made things just that little bit more interesting. 
Finally, I opted for a classic - a good old Cheese 'n' Pickle sarnie with a crispy-based twist. I also added my own little variation to the recipe, swapping mayonnaise (not my favourite condiment) for some sweet chili pickle I had in the fridge. I also substituted wholemeal bread for a classic crusty baguette, but kept everything else per the recipe - some proper red onion, pickled lightly in vinegar, some juicy tomatoes, a generous sprinkling of mature cheddar and then a final layer of Sea Salt and Malted Vinegar crisps. 

Taking literally moments to put together (with a little bit of added time to pickle the onion) this combination once again made me rethink my views on crisp sandwiches. 
Basically, they're ace. Not only that, but the addition of crisps has great powers when it comes to persuading kids to try unfamiliar sandwich fillings. My two would usually balk at the idea of avocado, but added to a cheesy quesadilla, with crisps thrown into the mix, they were happy to give it a try. Bit of a win-win, then.

Next, I'll be thinking of ways to use up my remaining crisp supply in my own recipes...I have a feeling a goats cheese, rocket, caramelised onion and Spicy Chorizo crisp ciabatta might work a treat...

You can check out all of Dean Edwards' brilliant crisp sandwich recipes here, plus read more about Burts Chips on their website.

This post was written in collaboration with Burts Chips. 


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