Sunday, 9 February 2014

Join The Great British Budget Challenge

Finally coming out of the post-Christmas fug of over-spending and feeling ready to get your finances in better shape during 2014? I certainly am, not least because I have just booked a summer holiday, wiping out around £2000 from our savings pot, plus we are about to embark on some home improvement work which will deplete the funds even further. It's certainly a ideal time for me to get our household budget whipped into shape - and pronto - which is why I'll be taking part in The Great British Budget challenge, which runs throughout February.

The idea behind the initiative is simple: to help people of all ages and of all incomes squeeze every last penny out of their precious earnings, helping them to take control of their finances and save money towards those goals - big or small - that we all have. I'll be aiming to cut down on my credit card debt while also putting some money aside to pay off that aforementioned holiday balance. I'm already doing well on bringing down our food shopping bills by buying basics at Lidl, but my eyes still water when those utility bills drop through the letterbox. And as impending middle age has started to make me feel acutely aware of my rather non-existent pension pot, I'm hoping that the campaign will help me gain some additional budgeting know-how and free up a few pounds to put into a long-term savings plan.

Once you've signed up to the campaign you'll receive daily budgeting tips, campaign updates and stories from fellow budgeters via email. Couldn't be easier. It's a well-known fact that budgeting can be a bit of a bore, but the Great British Budget Challenge aims to inject a bit of fun into proceedings and keep you motivated, helping even the most hard-core splurger become a dedicated saver by the time the month's up. There's also the chance to win £50 in high street vouchers by taking part in the daily Twitter photo challenge.

Why not get involved too? Find out more and join in by visiting The Great British Budget Challenge here.


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