Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Scouts - Join the Adventure

Great news for anyone trying to get their child into a local scout group - a new Bishopston group is opening very soon, which will be music to your ears if you've been trying in vain to move up the never-ending waiting lists for other groups in the BS7 area. There will be an information evening about the new group for parents and their budding scouts taking place at Cairns Road Baptist Church, BS6 7TH on Wednesday 6th November, from 6.30-7.30pm.

If you've got hazy recollections of the scouting movement or are faintly unnerved by the idea of 'uniformed organisations' I can assure you that things have moved on massively since my childhood and the Scouting movement of today is a thoroughly 21st-century operation, offering what I reckon is the best value, most educational entertainment currently out there. Their tag line (which I've borrowed for this blog post) couldn't be more apt, and since joining Beavers aged 6 my son has enjoyed one rip-roaring adventure after another. My own memories of making cups of tea and stitching on buttons for the quaintly named 'homemaker' badge don't come close to the fun stuff that kids seem to be doing these days, which encompasses everything from more traditional outward bound-y pursuits, like orienteering and knot tying, to more contemporary-based entertainment, such as trips to Alton Towers and Laser Quest. 
Be prepared...for rather a lot of sewing!
Open to children of both sexes, Beavers and Cubs offers a non-competitive environment where kids can get stuck into activities that are not just great for learning about stuff and the wider world, but which have the fantastic added function of helping to build confidence and nurture team spirit. We have found its role vital in helping to bring our child - who can be a quiet, under-confident boy at times - out of his shell. It's a great place for children who perhaps aren't hugely competitive or sporty to find other ways of being part of something by showing them there is a world beyond the football pitch. 

Each week, there's lots of running around outdoors, learning about different cultures and working towards badges which not only teach kids invaluable life skills but which give them a real sense of achievement and boost their esteem. Add in the fact that your child gets to do all that stuff (knot tying, bonfire building, rocket making etc, etc) that you either don't know how to do or don't have the time or resources to do, and it's a win-win all round. 
Bear Grylls - a thoroughly modern Chief Scout
As if that wasn't enough to get you firing off your details to the local group right now, I've happened upon some interesting research - according to the Institute for Public Policy Research, young people who join up to clubs such as beavers, cubs and scouts do better in later life. Former Scouts and Guides are 3% less likely to be depressed and 5% less likely to be single, separated or divorced by the age of 30. They are also more likely to own a home, achieve good qualifications and be earning a decent income. 

Next term, our son will take part in a night hike, participate in a Remembrance Sunday parade and go ice skating, amongst other activities, at the fantastic value price of just £35 per term. That's a lot of adventure for not very much money...


If you'd like to find out more about the 1st Bishopston Scout Group and how to get on the waiting list, click here.

You can also contact Hannah Bester on 07507 839381, hannah.bester@scouts.org.uk for more details about the new Bishopston scout group.



  1. Couldn't agree more. My two boys love taking part in cubs and have had some amazing experiences along the way

  2. My eldest was in the army cadets and really enjoyed it. It was a very valuable experience for him.

    1. Hi Louisa and thanks for your comment! I'm glad your son enjoyed cadets. I think the experiences children get from these sorts of activities are really useful in building confidence and learning about the wider world.


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