Friday, 13 September 2013

Yoga in North Bristol

I'll share my personal recommendation for yoga classes in Bristol in a moment but firstly I wanted to point you in the direction of details for the city's first FREE yoga trail, taking place on Saturday 14th September. Taking place at different venues around Bristol you can try a range of classes completely free of charge, whatever your level of experience. If you visit all 6 locations on the trail you'll be able to take part in a yoga class at a later date completely free of charge. A variety of yoga styles will be on offer for sampling, including hot yoga at Yogafurie, just off the Gloucester Rd. 

My personal recommendation 

I started practising yoga about three years ago and have never looked back. I had always wanted to give yoga a try but hadn't until that time been able to shrug off the idea that I might struggle with some aspects of the practise - deep breathing, chanting and lotus-style posturing were some of the things I thought I'd be useless at. However, I am also someone with a natural disposition to stress and worry, with a head that is often buzzing with every-day anxieties and fears. This, combined with the demands of parenting, made me overcome my reservations and take the plunge.

I have been lucky to find a fantastic class led by a lovely teacher - Clara Lemon - and have enjoyed significant benefits to my mental and physical health since joining her Thrusday night class, held at the Westbury Park Methodist Church on North View. If you are a yoga virgin be assured this particular class is perfect for beginners and Clara always offers different levels of difficulty for the various postures that you follow during the class. This means you can tune your practice to your own abilities and level of energy. For me, having an hour and a bit to myself each week, where all is quiet and focused, is a small but significant way to bring some calm into my otherwise hectic world.


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