Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Curry made easy

I love curries but when it comes to making them I seem destined to fail. Most of my attempts to recreate the vibrant, spice-filled creations displayed in my cookbooks seem to result in bland concoctions that take ages to prepare but are truly disappointing to eat. The only exception to this scenario is a curry recipe I discovered in Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall's excellent River Cottage Family Cookbook.

Amongst the other easy, well-explained recipes is the answer to your curry conundrums - a simple but delicious Chicken Curry that uses store cupboard spices, tomatoes and chicken to create a cheap, flavour-filled treat that banishes the bland from your curry-making experience. I highly recommend this cookbook for family food inspiration - every recipe I have tried has worked a treat. 

The chicken curry recipe takes minutes to prepare and about an hour to cook. Served with rice and a naan, this dish has just the right amount of heat for younger palettes, but you can adjust the chili accordingly.

And the finished item looks like this...


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