Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Win Aromotherapy Goodies with Hampton Holistics

November, a month of grey skies, over-eating and consistently frizzy hair - most definitely not my favourite time of the year. Though I try to embrace the idea of cosy log fires, fluffy blankets and woolly socks, I'm a summer person with a very low boredom threshold - I don't have the patience for hibernating on the sofa for hours on end. For me, the only good things about this time of year are soup, satsumas and the smell of a new candle.

I love candles. From ruinously expensive numbers from Diptyque to less guilt-inducing options from TX Maxx, the sight and smell of a gently flickering candle on the mantelpiece brings me pleasure. There's something very comforting and elemental about candles and at this time of year I need all the comforting I can get. 

So I was delighted to stumble upon Hampton Holistics, a locally-produced range of candles and essential oils founded by Bristol-based aromatherapist Camilla Amso. If there's a candle lurking somewhere in a shop, I will always find it - on this occasion at Reason Interiors on Gloucester Road, though you can also buy the range online here.

With her background in natural remedies, Camilla started her business making bath oils and pulse point roller-balls, but it was her research into other candles on the market that led her to a discovery - while that expensive candle might look super chic and smell lovely, if it features chemical fragrances and is made from paraffin-based wax, it's actually releasing toxins around your home. My feeling is there are enough toxins swirling around the world as it is - why on earth would you want them dispersed around your home too?

It was this discovery that led Camilla to take a different approach, using her knowledge of the therapeutic qualities of essential oils to create beautifully but naturally fragranced candles free of nasty chemicals. Using pure, sustainable plant-based waxes, Camilla's candles have a long burn time and smell amazing - I trialled the 'Calm' candle made from lavender essential oil which filled my home with a subtle but distinguishable fragrance. 

Camilla is the epitome of a small-scale, local producer - she's self-taught in the art of candle making and continues to hand-pour her small batch candles, creating products that are truly made with love. The result is a lovely collection of candles which look and smell luxurious but have health benefits too. The essential oils used in Camilla's candles have a variety of attributes: lavender, for example, boosts the immune system and can help with respiratory problems, while geranium (a key ingredient in the 'Balance' candle) can sort out hormone imbalances. 

There are candles perfect for this time of year in the shape of the festive smelling 'Peace' and 'Yule' candles; the latter features sweet orange, cinnamon and clove...quite simply the smell of Christmas. And if you're feeling the pressure of the pre-Christmas preparations the 'Breathe' candle might help restore a bit of calm to your home with its blend of Frankincense and eucalyptus (the former aids deep breathing while eucalyptus has fantastic antiviral and antibacterial properties if you tend to feel a bit low at this time of year.)

Gorgeously packaged and lovely and safe to use, if you're a candle lover like me and like to support local businesses, you need these in your life. I've teamed up with Camilla to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a candle of their choice as well as a burner oil and pulse point roll-on. 

The competition is taking place on my Instagram account - here's how to take part:

1. Visit my Instagram page at @luisa_m_sanders*
2. Like my competition post and follow both myself and Hampton Holistics (they are tagged in the post)
3. Tag a friend in the comments box too!
4. Competition closes at 7pm GMT on Saturday 18th November 2017

Winners will be announced in the comments box on the Instagram post. Good luck! 

*Please note this competition is not affiliated with Instagram. Terms & Conditions: One winner will be picked from all entrants who meet competition criteria; no cash equivalent; competition winners will be announced by Sunday 25th November 2017. Winners will be asked for their email address to arrange delivery of their chosen products. The prizes includes the winner's choice of 1 full-size candle, 1 aromatherapy burner oil and one pulse point roll-on. This competition is only open to UK residents. 


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