Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Quick Christmas Beauty Fixes

So, how are you feeling ahead of Christmas? Twinkly, bright-eyed and radiant for the festivities? Rested, full of energy and not in the least bit sniffly? Oh, come on! It's party season, which, as we all know, is that wonderfully opportune time in which your skin decides to do weird things, your hair - thanks to a winning combination of cold winds and central heating - wouldn't look out of place in the school nativity crib - and you'll be nursing an unpleasant cold. You may even have what feels like the onset of flu. It's simply the law that the week of the office party, or whichever other big Christmas event you're attending, you will possibly look and feel the worst you've felt all year.

However, there are a few short cuts to making yourself feel at least a little better about your outward appearance this time of year. I can't help with the feeling coldy bit, though I do find that drinking copious amounts of water and Pukka Tea's Detox blend helps, along with liberal imbibing of vitamin C and paracetamol. So head colds and racking coughs aside, these might help:

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I'm a big fan of oils throughout the year but they really come into their own in the winter, when central heating sucks the very lifeblood from your skin, making it dry and dull. I actually can't stand central heating - it seems to cause me all manner of ills. But hey, we live in the UK so what are you going to do. This oil is one to gift yourself as a pre-Christmas treat and then buy your groceries at Lidl for a few weeks as it's expensive. 

But a little goes a long way and it makes you look somehow fresher and less blotchy on waking up in the morning. It sinks in really nicely and won't give you spots if you're that way inclined. Plus it's scented with a sleep-inducing, all natural fragrance that smells divine.

Rapid White Tooth Whitening Strips

I read somewhere that nothing gives away your age more than having yellow teeth. My teeth are in pretty good shape - one of my proudest achievements is reaching middle age without a single filling - but a penchant for tea and red wine have left their mark. Thankfully there is a safe and convenient way to give your teeth a little dazzle without having to lose several thousand pounds at the dentist in the shape of these whitening strips which you can buy in Boots. 

I gave them a go a few weeks back and they definitely made a difference. You apply the strips morning and night for a week and they self dissolve - not the nicest sensation in the world, but a small price to pay for visibly whiter teeth after seven days. You just have to rinse out the residue then you're good to go - the whole process takes around 7 minutes. You can repeat after a month if all that tea and wine has started to take its toll again. 

Buy here

Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer

Of course you haven't managed to fit in a hair appointment before Christmas - this is because you're busy working/ferrying children around/Christmas shopping/making things for the school fair/being ill/etc., etc. Also, it costs a lot to get hair cuts and colours these days - that £80 seems a bit indulgent on top of all the other stuff to shell out for. Which is why root touch up spray is a such a helpful invention. 

On noticing a few greys peeking through the other day I decided to give this a go and it was absolutely fine, totally doing what is says on the tin. You simply brush the powder where your hair needs it and it stays put until you wash it out. At £14.99 it's lot cheaper than a trip to the salon.

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Benefit Dew The Hoola

"You looked washed out, have you been ill?"...yes, thanks for noticing, I have had a cold for the past two weeks and haven't seen sunshine for some time, as it happens. Sound familiar? Then this product might help you restore some colour to your cheeks. I got a sample of this with a magazine and it's very helpful for faking a glow when you feel like poop and your mother helpfully reminds you that you look like it, too. I mix it in with moisturiser to ensure a subtle glow rather than Trump-esque hue. 

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Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner

If all else fails, glitter is the only way. I bought this in a bit of a hurry from Boots the other day and have been thrilled with it - it's £2.99 and it's bloomin' great. Unlike most glitter products which tend to end up looking a complete mess on me, this is an easy to apply gel liner which totally stays in place so you can do the glitter thing with sophistication. Can't recommend this one highly enough.

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