Friday, 20 May 2016

Brilliant Buys at Next

It might be a high street stalwart, but Next isn't the most obvious place to go for your more fashion-forward buys. It's a dependable store, a place that's great for kids clothes and more conventional office attire, but not a shop you'd imagine picking up the sort of pieces you might find in, say, Whistles or Anthropologie.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I found myself waylaid on a trip to buy my kids shorts by the fantastic offerings in the women's department. I tried on more stuff than I have done in any other shop recently and bought two items (including the chambray dress you see below, as well as some Palmairas-style sandals for £20 quid), though I could have bought a lot more; the palm-print culottes jumpsuit is more flattering than you might imagine and really comfy, however I was being very strict with my budget on this particular shopping trip.

Forget any preconceptions you might have about Next and take a look at what's in store at the moment - I think you'll be are some of the things that caught my eye (and check out those prices. Seriously, what's not to love?) 



  1. Wow! Nice pieces and great prices. Thanks for sharing - will definitely pop into Next on my next shopping trip :)

  2. Amazing stuff! Love that jumpsuit....


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