Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Summer in Denim

Typing to the sound of a gale force wind and lashing rain, it seems a bit previous to be talking about summer fashion. But despite pulling out the comfy knits again and realising that it's not quite sandal weather yet, I think it's okay to indulge a little in the idea that sometime soon we'll be basking in sunshine again.

However, said sunshine will, for the most part, be BRITISH sunshine, which always calls for something a bit heavier than a slip of cotton or spaghetti strap dress; and in my particular case, the mercury really does have to spike before I'll shed my jeans and long sleeves. That's why I love denim so much - it has that extra bit of weight and warmth that makes it perfect for dealing with the caprices of a British summer. It's all well and good having a wardrobe full of barely there dresses and tops for your two weeks of foreign sun, but for the most part, summers at home call for something with a bit more substance.

In a bid to distract myself from the thoroughly un-summery winds currently assailing the UK, I took a little wander along the virtual high street to see what's new in the denim world. Here's what I found...

Raw hem, right side of faded, pencil cut - a nice update of the classic denim skirt, don't you think? And priced at a very reasonable £39. 

Not widely available in the UK, Madewell is a bit like an upmarket Gap, selling lots of cute denim pieces, albeit at quite expensive price points. These jeans are on sale via American department store Nordstrom, at the reduced price of £55.78 instead of £96 - quite a saving. I've been coveting some patched jeans for a while but hadn't found the 'right' kind of patch until stumbling upon these beauties.

Erm, what's not to love about an espadrille. Made from DENIM. Just take my £29.99...

Granted, this one's perhaps more Marrakesh that Minehead, but it would be cynical not to buy just one new summer dress - and this one benefits from the addition of long sleeves to counteract chilly UK weather. £45.99

I find some denim dresses a little cutesy but this one has a bit of an edge. Unfortunately only available in size 4 online right now...£35

A cute alternative to the standard t-shirt 'n' jeans combo - this lighter wash shirt works the double denim look and it has a nicely utilitarian feel to it. £34.99

Oh, to be the right side of 40 to pull this one off...I am still undecided as to whether I would personally feel comfortable strolling around in the sort of garment I last wore age 7, but if I was in the market for tapping into the dungaree trend (and was perhaps a few years younger), this is how I'd do it. £29.99


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