Monday, 14 October 2013

Cairns Road Nearly New Sale

Just a quick post from me today to let you know about a don't-miss event on Saturday 19th October. It's the bi-annual Noah's Ark sale, taking place at the baptist church on Cairns Road, BS6 7TH. These sales are somewhat legendary in the local area and having been to quite a few myself over the years I can recommend a visit if you like a rummage through a variety of good quality, pre-loved items, covering everything from nursery equipment to clothing. The sale kicks off at 11am and is held in the vast hall and adjacent connecting rooms. These sales are extremely popular and it's not unusual for queues to start forming outside the door well in advance of the start time. To be armed with the best chance of nabbing a particular item get there early and go equipped with a large bag or two (those big blue Ikea bags are perfect.)

Another insider tip to bear in mind is that the rooms are arranged by item so if you're after something in particular, head to the right room the minute you get through the doors. The usual set-up is that clothing and toys are laid out in the main hall while the next room along holds everything baby-related - maternity clothes, high chairs, baby carriers, car seats, stair gates and more. The next room in is where you'll find things like trikes, bikes and bigger garden toys and pieces of equipment. Do note this is how it was arranged on my last visit, and the layout may alter from time to time, but as a rule you'll find similar items grouped together. Good stuff shifts quickly so you really need to move fast once you get inside.

On a practical level I would most definitely recommend leaving the kids at home. It can be a bit of a mad scramble plus the many trestle tables loaded with toys will provide just too much temptation for little ones. Remember to bring cash or a cheque book and some extra change for a mid-sale restorative cup of tea and slice of cake, served from the little cafe area near the front of the hall. 

Although the quality is generally very good it's important to check over anything you're interested in buying, particularly the bigger ticket items such as buggies or high chairs, as all sales are final. A good proportion of the sale's profits go to investing in new equipment and learning aides for the preschool and Cairns Road Cafe so it's a great way to see your cash put to good use. The sales are usually held twice a year, in October and March.

On a similar note, did you know that parenting website Netmums has an incredibly dynamic and busy Nearly New facility? You can sell, swap or give away pretty much anything, from your child's old school uniform to the bike they've now outgrown. It's not limited to children's items, either, and when I took a cursory glance at the current items available I came across all manner of amazing bargains, from a  John Lewis sofa, free to collector, a buggy board for £20 and a BMX scooter in great condition for £30. There's no auction process - you simply message the vendor direct with your details and take it from there. Plus it's free to advertise your goods so if you're in the market to sell this is a great place to recycle unwanted items and make a bit of pocket money on the side. All you need to do is sign up to your local site.

Find out more about Netmums Nearly New here


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